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Fleming Island High Kids
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Welcome! Since there were absolutely NO communites about our great high school, I felt it was time to create one. :)


1. Do NOT join to bash other students/teachers. No naming specific names of students nor teachers unless you feel it'd be acceptable and positive. Venting is okay, but please adhere.
2. Do NOT start drama.
3. DO treat others with respect and courtesy. Even if you are online, what you say will determine if you stay in this community.
4. You DON'T have to be a student to join. If you're interested on what goes on or are had formally attended, then by all means...
4. DO discuss things happening within our school, whether it has to do with sports, classes, et cetera. Tasteful pictures are welcome.
5. Have fun.

If you have any questions, you can contact me (laurens__elj) or my co-mod, (alwaysabused) at any time. I really hope this community can grow over time. :)